Quantum Philosophy

  • Quantum Mutual Fund was launched in 2006 as India’s first direct to investor mutual fund. Being established for over a decade, we have witnessed significant political and economic changes, fluctuations in market conditions and adversities both natural and financial - nationally and globally. Through all these tribulations, we have emerged as a trustworthy fund house that will yield you sensible, risk-adjusted returns over the long- term. We manage your money prudently and with integrity, regardless of market noise, socio-economic volatilities, and/or any macro-economic factors which would often deter investors from investing.

    Embracing our ‘investor first’ approach, we understand your long-term financial goals, based on which we will help you invest your savings in suitable Quantum funds. Regardless of whether you are new to investing or not, regardless of the value or size of your investment, we follow a consistent investment philosophy for all, which orbits the ideology of managing your money in the right way with utmost honesty and transparency. We hold the firm credence that we are Asset Managers, not Asset Gatherers - we don’t believe in gathering money, but believe in working for the investor by faithfully and diligently managing what you entrust to us. We follow a thorough process that ensures all the stocks in the portfolio have predictable characteristics and gives the portfolio a probable behavioral pattern.

    At Quantum, we are striving to improve the investment ecosystem for you REGARDLESS - wherein you can create long-term wealth for yourself by wisely investing your money, at low costs, into simple mutual funds which remove clutter and add value to your overall investment portfolio.