Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • What is Drop box facility and why has the same been introduced?
    The drop box facility (Vichare Courier) is being offered to investors to facilitate for submission of the subscription application(s) at various locations as designated by Quantum Mutual Fund without visiting the OPAT personally.
  • Which are the different locations where these drop boxes will be available?
    We have tied up with Vichare Courier to offer facility of dropping the purchase application form along with the cheque and supporting at their drop boxes at various locations across Mumbai. By using this facility investor need not visit any of our Office or Karvy branch. The applications will be picked up directly and forwarded to our official point of contact.
    Click here for all the Drop-Box locations available across Mumbai.
  • Whom do I address the envelope to?
    The envelopes dropped in the box should be addressed to/ should contain the name of “Quantum Mutual Fund”. Incomplete applications in any respect will be liable to be rejected.
  • Who can avail for this Drop box facility?
    Only prospective/existing investors of Quantum Mutual Funds can avail the facility of our drop box.
  • Will the drop box facility be considered as an official point of acceptance?
    Kindly note that this Drop Box (Facility) will not be considered as an official point of acceptance of transactions (OPAT). No acknowledgement will be issued to the investor in this case.
  • Incase of financial transactions, which date will be considered for my request to be processed on?

    Investors may please note that time stamping done at OPAT will only be considered to be the basis for allotment of Units at applicable NAV as prescribed by SEBI’s circular on Uniform Cut-off timings and as further mentioned in the Scheme Information Document of respective Schemes of QMF depending on the date / time of receipt by OPAT.

    NAV applicability incase of Equity / Debt Scheme –

    For non-liquid schemes the cut-off time for same day NAV is 3.00 pm. All transactions time stamped before 3.00 pm will be eligible for same day's NAV (except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays).
    For non-liquid schemes transactions time stamped after 3.00 pm on business days or on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays will be eligible for the next business day’s NAV.

    In respect of purchase of units of mutual fund schemes (other than liquid schemes), the closing NAV of the day on which the funds are available for utilization shall be applicable for application amount equal to or more than Rs. 2 lakh, irrespective of the time of receipt of such application.

    NAV applicability incase of Liquid Scheme –

    In case of Quantum Liquid Fund the applicable NAV for allotment will be based on transactions time stamped upto cut off time of 2.00 pm and availability of funds for utilization. Units will be allotted upon receipt of funds only i.e. approximately T+2 business days, where T is the date of transaction and hence the applicable NAV will be determined accordingly.

    Note : The cut off timing for the subscription application (s) for determining the applicable NAV will be the date and time when it will be time stamped at the OPAT and not when it is deposited at the Drop Box. Therefore, the day of validation and time stamping of application(s) need not be the same and would be different from the day of depositing in the drop box.

    1. The QMF, Quantum Asset Management Company Private Limited (AMC) and Quantum Trustee Company Private Limited (Trustee) shall have no obligation to check or verify the authenticity of deposits of the subscription application(s) along with necessary supporting documents in the drop boxes and act thereon.

    2. Quantum AMC, Trustee alongwith its directors, employees and representatives shall not be  responsible or liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitations, incidental and consequential damages, lost profits, business interruption) resulting from the use of such facility.

    3. Quantum Mutual Fund shall not be responsible for any claims raised by the investors with regards to:
    • Timing of the deposit of the Cheque in the Drop Box.
    • Non-receipt of the Cheque by the Bank.
    • Or any other error on the part of the subscriber resulting in delay / non-receipt of the cheque by the bank PDC Management Services.

  • What are the different transactions for which I can use this drop box?
    Currently, only subscription application form can be deposited in a drop box, QMF reserves the right to introduce, change, modify or withdraw the features / additional transactions available under this facility from time to time.
  • How will the process work from the time when I deposit my documents in the drop box?
    The application(s) will be deposited by the investor into the drop box on the first day. The applications will be picked up on a daily basis. These applications which are received from investors through Drop Box facility will be sent to the nearest OPAT of Quantum Mutual Fund/our Karvy collection centres where it will be validated and time stamped on the second day. After processing of the transaction an Account Statement shall be dispatched within the time as prescribed under SEBI regulations.