Travel planning For Post COVID Lockdown

Posted On Monday, Sep 28, 2020

While the world awaits a COVID vaccine, there are many among us who are waiting to know when we will be able to travel again.Take off on the next flight or make plans for an exciting road trip.Lockdown has especially confined us enough to desperately seek some fresh air and go out beyond our grocery stores visits.

Yes, that's true. While we really hope travellers get their dream vacation soon.We might not have a definite answer when that would really happen here in India.But are you prepared? And by prepared we mean financially.We are here to share with you some insights on how you can plan the trip goal you well deserve with mutual funds. After all, everything boils down to finances. Sure, happiness is not linked with money but in order to achieve all your financial goals you need to plan prudently. Also we can't ignore the fact that the world has witnessed recession during this ongoing economic crisis. Incomes could be unstable. So how do you manage to make that dream trip happen? The key here is to determine your goal. (It can be any financial goal, not just travel.) If you are expecting to plan a trip let's say in the coming 10 months. Or may be a little sooner or later. All you have to do is plan your finances a little better. Let's see how...

Set a budgetDepending on your income, set a budget for your trip. Decide how much you need to spend.This is even before you decide your destination. Rather, you need to decide your destination depending on your budget. This helps not going overboard. This helps set aside your emotions while handling finances. Since we are super excited to travel, there are chances that we might choose a destination which could be out of budget. So, first budget.

Control your Expenses

This point is valid before the trip and during the trip. For the before the trip part, we could suggest cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Probably cutting down on shopping or order in.This will help make ensure you save enough for your travel. When it comes to during the trip part, we believe business class is fancy but economy will also take you to your destination. If a full-fledged vacation is turning out to be expensive, consider a fun weekend gateway. These small but important steps will help you save a lot. Now the most important part. Let's discuss where you should invest the amount you are saving for your travel.

Invest right
Consider investing this money in a liquid fund.Since travel is a short term goal, liquid funds are a better option. However, make sure you are investing in a liquid fund that prioritizes safety and liquidity over returns. Why is this important? You ask. Well many investors when investing in mutual funds consider returns to be their prime objective. This is untrue for your short term goals.

Avoid putting your 'safe' money at undue risk.

When liquid funds aim for higher returns, Fund Managers invest in higher risk instruments. This increases the chance of default, and therefore, losses.

Look for funds that invest in highest quality paper...choosing safety over returns.This will help you save for your most coveted vacation. So don't just keep dreaming for the gates to open, plan for it beforehand. Invest prudently and plan your travel once again.

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