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Scheme Categorization

Sr. No.Name of the SchemeCategory of SchemeType of Scheme (Uniform Description)
1Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund (erstwhile Quantum Long Term Equity Fund)Value FundAn Open Ended Equity Scheme following a Value Investment Strategy
2Quantum Tax Saving FundEquity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS)An Open Ended Equity Linked Saving Scheme with a Statutory Lock in of 3 years and Tax Benefit
3Quantum Equity Fund of FundsFund of Fund - DomesticAn Open Ended Fund of Funds scheme Investing in Open Ended Diversified Equity Schemes of Mutual Funds
4Quantum Nifty ETFExchange Traded FundAn Open Ended Scheme Replicating / Tracking Nifty 50 Index
5Quantum Liquid FundLiquidAn Open Ended Liquid Scheme
6Quantum Dynamic Bond FundDynamic Bond FundAn Open Ended Dynamic Debt Scheme Investing Across Duration
7Quantum Gold FundExchange Traded FundAn Open Ended Scheme Replicating / Tracking Gold
8Quantum Gold Savings FundFund of Fund - DomesticAn Open Ended Fund of Fund Scheme Investing in Quantum Gold Fund
9Quantum Multi Asset FundFund of Fund - DomesticAn Open Ended Fund of Funds Scheme Investing in schemes of Quantum Mutual Fund
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