About Path To Profit

What is Path To Profit?

'Path To Profit' is an investor meet by Quantum Asset Management Co Pvt Ltd. We travel across various cities in India and guide you as our investor. 'Path To Profit' is our opportunity to interact with you and understand your investment needs. We are keen to help you achieve your financial goals with a simple rule - Long-term approach towards investing, which is backed by a disciplined investment process.

Journey of Path To Profit

In 2009, Mr. Ajit Dayal, Founder - Quantum Advisors Pvt. Ltd. started the Path To Profit as a road trip across 4,000 kilometers to create awareness about the benefits of investing in mutual funds. The road trip covered 7 cities in South India, beginning with Bengaluru, and then moving on to – Mysore, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Pondicherry and Chennai. Here investors had an opportunity to meet and interact with Mr. Dayal and Fund Managers at Quantum Mutual Fund, personally and get their financial queries solved.

Through his interactions with investors during the meets, Mr. Dayal realized that while people were keen on investing their savings, they were either confused about the best investment method or extremely over confident about their current investments.

Since then, the 'Path To Profit' campaign is aimed to help investors know the best avenues for putting their hard earned savings into.

As members of the Quantum team (our Directors, Fund Managers and Sales team) we visit each part of the country and ensure that citizens are enlightened on economic or market developments, educated on how they can protect their personal finances and empowered to confidently take future investment decisions-safely.

Be a part of the 'Path To Profit' - we will help you bust investment myths and you will be able to make well-informed financial decisions that will help you convert your savings into wealth.